I’m Joshua Kay, the founder of Fireman Safe, a Residential Fire Protection Business, serving both Southern Utah and Las Vegas going on 4 years now.

As an experienced Fireman for nearly 13 years, I am normally the First Person to arrive at the Scene of a Fire. I see what causes Fires in the Home and what could have been done to prevent them. That is My Profession, and I take it very seriously.

Here are a few prevention tips to Be Better Prepared!

1. Be Aware: Most residential fires can be avoided with a little preparation, along with the right Fire Protection Equipment.

2. Be Ready: Today, some chemicals in the smoke of Residential Fires can cause unsuspecting inhabitants to suffocate in only minutes. For this reason alone, properly preparing for a Home Fire is Just Smart.

3. Be Sure: What worked yesterday does not mean it works today. Fires leave no time for further preparation. They come without warning. Therefore, it is recommended that you have your Residence Inspected Annually. This ensures that your equipment is still in Working Order, and Up To Date. (Click Here For Free Inspection Checklist)