Inspection Checklist:

It is recommended that you have a local fire inspector to complete your home inspection. They are trained on what to inspect and how to protect you. It is advised to have your home inspected annually.

1. Smoke Detectors only last 5 – 10 years. When were yours last checked? Inspect, test, clean, and maintain your detectors, including smoke, carbon monoxide, gas, water, and heat detectors.

2. Fire Extinguishers: It is important to maintain and check your fire extinguishers regularly! When was the last time you picked up your fire extinguisher?

3. Hidden Fire Hazards: Inspect, test, clean and update high-risk fire hazards such as bathroom fan & vent, dryer & dryer vent, and water heater safety.

4. Home Fire Emergency: In a fire emergency, will your family make it out safely? 7 people die per day in house fires.  Proper preparation includes a Fire Escape Plan, an Emergency Fire Escape Kit, and an Emergency Fire Readiness Drill.

5. Free Inspection: Fireman Safe provides Free Home Fire Inspections at no cost. This includes a Free Fire Extinguisher and a Price Range for you to become a Fireman Safe Home.